Photo Friday, Week 2: Discovery

A week before I traveled to Málaga in 2015, my father produced an old Sony Cybershot DSC-F828 from the depths of our garage. I drove my friends demented with it, shooting incessantly, fascinated by all I came across. After all, this was the first time I had visited a country where English wasn’t the first language – it was my first, mild, experience of culture shock. All was novel and intriguing, bathed in the Andalucian sun. Perhaps the trip was a good indication that, eventually, my interest would develop in the way that it has. This week, while speaking with Dad about how I needed a wide-angle lens for landscape photography, a thought flashed across his mind. He told me to break the Sony out, and to check its case for spare lenses. We laid it out on the table, along with two “Professional Digital” lens attachments – one being a macro/wide-angle, and the other being a fish-eye/telephoto. He had a feeling that these would also work with the Canon that I use now. As it happens, each attaches seamlessly with the 18-55mm kit lens, and now I have some new toys to play around with!

This week, then, has been about discovery. It was all about challenging myself to learn – lighting, manual camera settings and focus. I’ve experimented and practice constantly. This week’s photos are a mixed bag: food, landscape, and night photos – rusted bolts, stars, and clouds from mars all feature.

6174603776_img_2967-1Golden hour: A vast, green field in Oranmore, the evening’s amber-lined clouds looming above its trees.

6174603776_img_2980-2Pared pine trees at the foot of our back garden. Dramatic shadows and darkening clouds make for an ominous atmosphere.

6241697040_img_3136-2A rusted bolt, six-point star detail – I never looked as closely at our side-gate before. Taken with macro/wide-angle.

6174603776_img_3099-2Hay bales as far as the horizon stretches. These can be found on a farm not far from my house – I ran out the door when I saw the skies, and caught the lighting lovely. Taken with macro/wide-angle.

6241697040_img_3176-2Amazing how extraordinary an electricity pole can look at night, isn’t it? The skies were a lovely hue on Thursday night, with beautiful orange clouds drifting like dust from Mars.

IMG_3414The most elegant slice of tart I’ve ever eaten, I think. Credit to Ard Bia in Galway for what was, as always, an exceptional lunch.



Thanks for reading!

Ciarán x


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