Photo Friday, Week 1: Beginnings

I’ve decided to challenge myself, and begin a new feature on the blog – ‘Photo Friday’. I’ll select a number of images from throughout the week gone by, and upload them with a short description of the story behind them. I’ve been taking a lot of photos recently, and am still getting myself accustomed to the camera’s manual settings – it’s all a learning experience! So, without further ado, here are this week’s featured photos:

IMG_1552My favourite of Galway’s many lanes and alleyways: Kirwan’s Lane. It runs off one of the main tourist streets, Quay Street, and serves as a shortcut one can use to avoid the throngs. Since I was a child, I’ve been fascinated with it, since Kirwan sounds a small bit like Ciarán. I’ve always, in some way, thought of it as being my lane.

IMG_1562A pair of tourists having a chat and a laugh in the Spanish Arch/Claddagh area. One of the best photos of people I’ve ever taken, I think!

IMG_1586Old, rusting fishing cages lie on the banks beside an age-old sailboat. These are situated on Nimmo’s Pier, a pleasant walk that runs parallel to Galway Bay and to the public park in Claddagh. Years ago, I fished for mackerel with my father here.

IMG_1595Anhelina and Pol – a  pair of nurses, Ukrainian and Spanish respectively, who work in Drogheda. I took some posed photos of them, but I feel this best captures how wonderful their chemistry is – Anhelina writing their emails for me on Pol’s back.

IMG_2835(1)Blackrock Diving Tower, Salthill. Emily and I decided to walk ‘The Prom’ for some late night photography last night. The prom is a long, seaside walk in Salthill, and at its end lies Blackrock – an iconic Galway landmark. This platform gets saturated with swimmers during the summer, but we had it to ourselves last night.

IMG_2805(1)A maritime monument overlooking the Claddagh, approximately halfway up Salthill Prom.

IMG_2826(1)Though shut at midnight, and during winter months, this little stall is frequently open during the summer, where vendors sell ice cream and cold drinks to beach-goers.

IMG_2834(1)My beautiful girlfriend, basking in the moonlight.

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